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Help My 2 babies have Christmas Please!

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hi yes i am a single mom of a 2 yr old girl abbagail and 3 yr old boy hayden carter. they are my world. i found this site and thought it couldnt hurt and that i might be able to help others from what im going through somehow maybe. right now im very very upset bc its christmas morning and my babies are about to wake up looking for santas gifts and i have a lot of homeade things ive done for them i just pray they are happy! I hope you have a Merry Christmas and good new year! I will look at your profile asap! Thank you



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Let me help you!!!

Hello if u ever get a chance read my profile. It will give u some info on me. I would love 2 help in any way possible. I dont know u or even know if u really need the help or are just one of those people who just ask cuz it's there. I dont judge at all b/c i used 2b there. I just wanna make sure i'm helping a real person in need. So even tho were miles away doent stop me from giving. Are u single mom?

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trisha xxx

hi im a mum of 3 girls i know the feeling not having cash to splash.. dont be embarresed about you situation your kids are healthy there still very young to understand santa   i live in ireland and as a single mom i find it very hard ,, once your kids are lov ed and cared for thats all that mastters  take care and happy xmas xxxx

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I am a mother of 3 , only 1 is still at home. he is 15 yo. I have been struggling with bi polar 2 and major anxiety for 11 years. i have been a compliant outpatient on multiple meds for the whole time. i worked steadily til 9/11 and then severely injured ny knee (full acl tear) in a slip. since then I have had 2 major knee surgery’s and two hospitalizations for depression. i was denied SSD in 2004 because my work history was so solid and relied on welfare which was terrible. i was ready to work again when due to a buildings negligence the steel cover for oil was not locked but not visible and when i stepped on it it opened and i fell again. i know require spine treatments and double knee surgery. i am very depressed. i have very little family, i have spent all my savings on rent -a 10×12 studio and am about to apply again for SSD and public assistance. i just got Medicaid. I am looking at eviction, surgery, and my son knows how sad I am . the one thing i wanted to do was have a few gifts for him. i am ready to drop any pride i had. I dont know where to turn and am alone on this. any help would be a gift.

thank you

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